drive-in fourth of july

tonight we actually made plans and stuff – whoo ee! we decided to check out the “raleigh road outdoor theater”: in henderson, which is about an hour away from my house. they promised fireworks and a movie we wanted to see, but not pay full price for.

i can’t help but compare to our dear departed starlite theater. while i’m glad we do have a living drive-in in the area still, it doesn’t compare to the starlite. the food is not as good, and visibility of the screen isn’t as good. getting to the bathrooms and concessions was kind of a cluster.

on the up side, the prices are good, and they gave reese a couple of milk bone treats at the box office. the staff are nice and they even had someone walking around helping people tie down their tailgates so they wouldn’t block the view of those behind them. they don’t allow SUV’s and trucks in the first three rows, either.

on the way home we decided to drive by the starlite to see how it was looking and whether there’s a for sale sign up. that may have been a mistake. it turns out that they _took the screen down._ this makes me SO angry. after all we went through, and all the money we raised to rebuild the screen after it burned down… to just take it down. and the old neon framework with it! the marquee was still there, bob’s rotting trailer is still there, and i think i glimpsed the concession / projection building. why the _hell_ take the screen down and leave the other structures up?

yeah, i’m pissed, and i really miss the starlite.

if we go back to the raleigh road, i’d like to go in spacepod so we can park up front, and go on a slow night so the concession stand won’t be such a huge pain.

oh yeah – and another difference between the raleigh road and the starlite – while J was out walking reese he observed that in rows eight and nine, the cars were all parked really far away from each other, and there are used condoms on the ground. niiiiice. i remember Bob at the starlite telling me about how he’d patrol the lot during the movies, and if anyone seemed to be getting it on, he’d tap on their windows and make them stop.