dry and ready

that doesn’t only describe a dredel, but also the spacepod, who remained dry inside during today’s inhospitable downpour. that may be one of the best christmas presents i could have given myself. a dry and ready spacepod.

i’m home now, pending round 2 of today’s cat care duties, watching “a local”:http://www.angusbarn.com/recipes.html hand “cat cora’s ass”:http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_ia_the_series/article/0,2495,FOOD_20476_3638760,00.html to her on a plate. since i can’t stand cat cora anyway, this makes me happy. perhaps the next time j is in town, i will take him to the angus barn.

i received many nice things, including a new santoku knife. dan seemed to be quite fascinated with his new ipod, which mom and i went in on together. i have to admit that the starflucks card that the boys gave me is actually one of my favorite presents.

dinner was fabulous although i’ll admit to a little guilty disappointment that neither ham nor macaroni and cheese were involved. in fact, i believe i will make these things for myself in the next few days since i was hoping to eat them today. the standing rib roast was some of the best beef i’ve ever eaten, however.

upon arrival at gran’s we encountered my stepbrother who left quickly after we arrived. he was still in scrubs and was no doubt not lying when he claimed to be tired from working all day, but i’m pretty sure he also didn’t want to deal with the whole lot of us. oh well; it was good to see him, however briefly.

i helped mom cast on a scarf while we had a nice visit with gran who is still pretty damn sharp at 97, although physically quite miserable.

throughout the day as i drove here and there i listened to “sarah’s annual divaville xmas show”:http://www.ovenall.com/diary/archives/006870.php which was one of the highlights of the day.