family weekends

two weekends in a row doing family stuff. last weekend was J’s mom and her husband in Va, visiting J. I went up on Thursday and stayed until Sunday; we went down to Norfolk on Saturday to visit the Apple store and walk around the waterfront, then had a fabulous fondue dinner. Sunday we stayed at the house and helped J’s mom learn more about using her new Macbook and gave the fur and feather-bearing folks some attention.

this weekend was daniel’s graduation and my aunt, uncle, and stuart were in town for the event. J came down early on friday so we could go to dinner with everyone friday night at angus barn (yum). saturday was graduation and we went to the Umstead for drinks afterward– mom, wayne and my aunt and uncle were staying there (we get a special rate because we work for the owner).

saturday night j and i split off from the group and went to pizza palace and out to see Iron Man.

today everyone came over to my house (ugh, it’s still in total disarray from bringing stuff over from mom’s) and then we went to piedmont for brunch. i wanted to show off how great durham can be. i think everyone loved the food and we had a pretty good time.

in general my family is fairly low stress and easy to be with, but wow– two weekends in a row of family stuff is a lot.

over the next two weeks i need to rock out on my house, get spacepod up and running again and ready to go to indy, and finally get out to my yard which has been neglected all season.

and maybe some other stuff that i’m not telling you about… yet.