From the attic

Lisa, second grade, thoughts on moving from Delaware to NC:

bq. “By Lisa Linn. It was fun up in Delawar But We had to moov to N.C.. I’m probly gonna spend haf my life in a motel. It’s not to fun in one but I’m gonna hafta Do It.”

A halloween story, no date.

bq. “the pumpkin who saved Holloween. Wons ther was a pumqrin and on holloween Nikte the pepel that owned it forgot to carv it but it was a magic one and it carv it’s self.”

The “little sweet potato” poem. For some reason, this poem became infamous in the family. Dated 1976.

“There was a little sweet potato

He was a little guy

He had a lot of friends

But he was very shy

His friends were playful

But he was not

So one day he was boiled in a pot”