Full of it

Lately I’ve been putting Mo to bed at night in the back bedroom. He’s got a nice bed in front of the heat vent, his food and water, and of course the litter box. I put the pet gate up in the doorway so he’s stuck back there. This way, I don’t have to listen to him come into my bedroom every night as I’m drifting off, or every morning just before my alarm, and piss on his bedding.

This has all worked great for a while now, but this morning at 7:15 (over an hour before I planned to get up) he starts caterwaulin’. It’s unbelievable how much his voice has changed as he’s gotten older; he really does sound like a crazy tomcat now. I swear, a year ago he was all, “mew, mew!” Now it’s like, “MIAUOW. MIAUOW.”

Well, he really got going, and clearly wasn’t going to let me go back to sleep, so I got up. It turns out that he’d pooped neatly in the center of his bed. Pee he is, unfortunately, willing to sleep in. Happily, not so much with the poo.

I gave him a big speech about how _maybe_ he shouldn’t use his bed as a litter box, cleaned it off and told him to eat his breakfast. So now I’m awake (and feel horrible), and he seems pretty content.

Tomorrow marks five months to the day since he was diagnosed with CRF. Go Moses!