funk. bagpipes.

there is some serious funk happening in my side yard, and for a change i don’t think my garbage is to blame. there’s decidedly some CAT PEEEEEE. and something else, kind of perfumey. like someone is dumping scented cat litter nearby? i can’t spot a culprit, and i’m using feline pine these days, which is fragrance fee. also, mo no longer produces full power pee (i’m sure you wanted to know).

and then i forgot to take out the trash this morning, which i had planned to do because i knew if i didn’t, it would produce some serious funk, which it is.

just as randomly, there were people playing bagpipes out in front of the high school i drive by on my way home from work. they sounded really good. it’s an arts magnet so there’s often something happening there, but this is definitely the first time i’ve witnessed babpipery.