funny, minty little dream

i had a funny dream that i went to visit minty so that we could go for a walk, and brought moses too. she was getting ready to take a nap when i came over, so she set me up with something to read in her living room. I wondered why I had come over without calling first. How rude of me! Teen Girl Squad and the Professor were not in effect. for some reason, i put moses in a police car that was floating in a lake with many other cars.

while minty was asleep, another woman came over and rang the doorbell. minty came down and answered the door and talked to the woman for a while.

i realized that i’d left moses in that police car for far too long, so i swam over to retrieve him and couldn’t find him! then i realized that a cop was carrying a tabby cat with white feet and belly.


i think the reason i dreamed about cars floating in water is because yesterday i saw some video footage of the tsunami coming into a village in indonesia. more on that later.