furniture overload

i have too much furniture now. some of it is not right– the thing i store my tv and stereo in is too wide for the space it’s in. a lot of it doesn’t go together– i have traditional stuff that has come from other people in my family, and modern stuff that i’ve bought for myself.

i’m also going to replace my bed. it’s too small and the mattress and boxspring didn’t last as long as they should have– there’s a dip in the middle.

i tried to figure out if i could consolidate the modern looking stuff in the bedroom with a new modern bed, but since my couch, etc are not very traditional, i don’t think that’s going to work.

i need to reshuffle my house, and i need to get rid of a lot of stuff. still.

i was looking at old pictures of my basement and it made me realize how much crap i’ve removed from the basement so far. it’s actually a lot better than it used to be. i have to remind myself that, although it may be slow going, i will get there with the whole house.