the enormity of the bookcase/back bedroom project is coming home to me. i cleaned the bookcases today and tried to remove all the cabinet doors. some of the hinges did not want to come off, however, and it looks like some of the screws have already been stripped. add to the sheer surface area to paint the fact that they have to stay outside until both they and the room are done, i’m increasingly nervous about rain and the amount of time the project is taking.

and in the unnecessary delay department, i discovered last night that the nbeast web site is dead. well, the important parts are, anyway. all the pages– like registration– that touch a mysql database are popping up errors like crazy. my host just upgraded a whole slew of things at once– PHP, BSD, and other stuff. they confirm that this could be the reason but offer no real help in resolving the problems. it’s three weeks before the event, and i have to hold off on some promotion i was going to do until i have registration operational again.

so that means that instead of making progress on the back bedroom, i need to spend tonight fixing the nbeast site.

meanwhile, work has been pretty interesting this week. we went live with a new version of the intranet home page yesterday, and then today we changed it for the day to have some fun with Talk Like A Pirate Day. i think the overall response to both was positive, but there were detractors for both and one person really had a meltdown over the TLAPD stuff. i don’t want to go into detail about work stuff and it was really my manager who bore the brunt of the bad stuff, but it has been a stressful couple of days.

moses received his first dose of Epogen today. this is a replacement hormone that we hope will stimulate red blood cell production and alleviate his anemia, which is the most life-threatening condition that he has right now. he seems to be handling it okay, his appetite is crazy good and he seems pretty perky tonight. the vet said it can take from 2-8 weeks to ramp up though so it may be quite a while before we know if it’s really going to work. in the mean time, he gets the shots three times a week at the vet’s office and we do a blood test once a week, and i guess we hope it starts working before he needs a transfusion.

at $36 a pop, the shots aren’t cheap, and then add in the weekly blood tests and… yeah. i was right to take my financial situation seriously and i’m glad i’ve already done as much as i have to keep myself out of a credit card hole.

however, i haven’t done much toward selling the convertible, which is going to be my financial silver bullet. i haven’t even washed it or taken it to the body shop for an estimate. i just haven’t had time, and i suspect i’ll be making another car payment before it’s all said and done.

so anyway, i guess i should stop complaining and start working on the nbeast web site. yeah.