Get out the CRAP, II

while the GOTV effort is now over (and way to go GOTV volunteers!!), my GOTC effort trundles along, gaining momentum with each passing week.

i finally turned to freecycle for one large item i could not sell after a month on craigslist, and couldn’t get a charity to pick up, due to its size. freecycle was the ticket; within moments of the posting, i had three offers and the item was gone less than 24 hours later.

Currently the dining room is packed with items that are going to charity. I found one that will take a mattress and boxspring and they’re supposed to come out Thursday to pick everything up. I’ve added boxes of household items and bags of clothes to the stack almost every day since I called them. Getting rid of that stuff is going to be huge.

Right now the most of the rooms are not too bad, except for the back bedroom. There’s just too much stuff back there, and access is difficult because of two bookcases right at the entryway. Future GOTC efforts may be focused back there.