getting out of the house

so my campaign to get out of the house has been going fairly well lately, and involved shopping, a play, and a movie. which doesn’t sound very impressive when i list it all out– maybe that explains my lingering feeling of restlessness tonight.

but i awoke saturday and immediately realized that i leave for roswell in just over two months, which means that it’s serious crunch time. i don’t want to skimp my way through doing the web site for the last time. how to lead a balanced life and still get everything done? how to work up the level of motivation and enthusiasm that i need for this project? i don’t know. i really don’t. it’s spring, and i want nothing more than to be hanging out with my friends, making new ones, and chasing boys. but that’s what i did last spring, and i feel that the site suffered.

the task at hand is a three column layout with header and footer, done all in standards-compliant code– no tables for layout. i have to do the exact same thing for work this week, so that meshes nicely. but it’s damned tricky, and i’m actually trying to work my way through “relevant sections”: of the “CSS2 spec.”: ugh.