good kitty news

the more-accurate fructosamine test that moses got this week showed that we have stabilized his blood sugar at a level of insulin that was lower than my vet predicted he’d need. in fact, it’s a little on the low side but we now it can skyrocket when he’s stressed so better, i guess, for it to be slightly low most of the time.

i haven’t weighed him lately but i am pretty sure his weight is coming down.

the only worry now is the fact that he sounds congested all the time. his lungs sounded perfectly clear several weeks ago when i first mentioned his weird breathing noises to the vet; today on the phone i told the doc that it has morphed into a constant sound of stuffy nose, so he’s going to take a quick look at him today and possibly treat it as an infection.

anyway, the good news about the diabetes makes me feel better about leaving him while i go on vacation.