good times

no, really. i got seven whole, consecutive hours of sleep, did Stuff, then saw the ‘Serenity’ movie with s. and hip friends of her from work. the movie was _great._ i definitely want to see it again.

afterwards, my first trip to federal in some weeks. oh, how i missed thee federal. i’m going back on tuesday. i tried the ruben; i’ve never had one before. it didn’t hold a candle to the sauerkraut-based sandwich i was developing at the long lost main st. cafe in downtown durham some years ago. this was back in my no-dead-animal-flesh days. it was: swiss, extremely thin, lengthwise slices of cucumber, mayo, and kraut. it was good. i probably got it on sourdough or rye. well, now i know what a ruben tastes like, sort of. i bet there are better rubens, though.

aaaanyway. like i said, good times.