grandma went to a rock show last night and boy does she feel old

yup yup yup. it was one of those “out of the woodwork” shows, wherein everyone comes out of the woodwork, and says, “hey, there’s so and so.”

and so, there was so and so. and him and her and that one. that was pretty fun.

upon reflection this morning, i realized that an old acquaintance of mine is totally annoying. he was too busy being mean to the cute guy i’ve seen all over friendster and nerve to introduce us. and he was really being mean, too! honestly.

after the always-entertaining wusses, i told pj that, although i enjoy this sort of thing, it makes me miss the days when i would go out to see _totally fucked up shit._ the kind of show where it was me and twelve guys and no one talked to each other because we were all a bunch of social misfits. the kind of show where i would have been ashamed to show up a nicely accessorized, flattering outfit. (no wonder i dressed the way i did back then.) and the music was really interesting.

and yeah, i know nightlight often has stuff like that. and i’m romanticizing the part about how _everyone_ was a social misfit and no one talked to each other.

so anyway. it just made it clear that i need to go to more shows, things that are not already well-known to me. i have been lax in this regard.


i’ve been on a bit of a tvland kick lately. i started with the munsters, but although the theme song really cooks, and herman munster kind of looks like a half-dead version of my grandfather, really the addams family is entirely superior. the writing is actually funny, and morticia addams’ fashion sense completely trumps that of lily munster.

green acres just makes me angry with its utter stupidity, but bewitched is ok on a sunday morning. except for all the God commercials.


BPAL snufflefest is tonight! yeaaaahhhh!