grrl paint.

we’re in Va for several days working on J’s house. the goal is to get it on the market very soon. to that end i have started painting the living and dining rooms. well – the living room. the previous owner painted the living room a dingy brown both on the walls and ceiling and left the old dirty beige trim color as it was. the dining room is painted an equally dingy green – both walls and ceiling again. in this room it appears that a chair rail of sorts was added above some form of wainscoting. some of the trim was painted a light, creamy yellow and some of it was left dingy beige.

dinge. dinge i say.

the walls and ceilings in these rooms have also been textured with stucco, which means they drink the paint. J has five gallons of flat, pale beige paint – i bet i use all five before it’s all said and done.

today i didn’t feel well after breakfast so i didn’t get as much done as i would have liked – only about half the living room, and only one coat. it’ll need two. trim won’t happen during this trip.

j is catching up on many weeks of yard work while i paint. he was in shock over the difference the new paint is making already when he came in for the evening. “why didn’t I do this when I first moved in?” well, now we know. the House of the Future will have flooring and walls sorted before we move in. and anything else we can afford to do.

anyway, i’m sure we’ll post pictures at some point in the process. ah, jason has just entered stage right with a camera, and he’s taking photos. excellent.