happy birthday, sarah!

last night i went to “sarah’s birthday party.”:http://www.ovenall.com/diary/archives/000601.php it was quite lovely, i think just the right number of people, and all very nice and interesting to talk to. sarah seemed to have a really nice time. i didn’t order her present until yesterday, so it will be a few days before i can give it to her, but i gave her some thumb monsters to tide her over 🙂

sylvia actually brought me a belated birthday gift as well– a very nice diana ross record from her collection that she’d decided she was ready to part with. i’m starting to realize that sylvia probably has a treasure trove of amazing vintage stuff at her place, and i think she gets it all at thrift stores– not places that cull the thrift stores and yard sales and then mark everything up, like “the untidy museum”:http://www.untidymuseum.com/ and “beggars and choosers.”:http://national.citysearch.com/profile/6125909/ i mean, i love those places, but if i had the flexible schedule and salary of an academic rather than those of a programmer, i’d probably take the time to do the thrifting myself.

although, you know, thrifting (which i used to do a lot of) really seemed to result in me owning a lot of stuff that i couldn’t quite use. like that orange floor lamp that’s terrific– but not terrific in my house.

anyway, i think sarah had a good birthday, and i’m really looking forward to giving her her present when it gets here– i think she will really like it.