happy housewife

continually frustrated with my eating habits, and with a stronger than usual need to make progress on many projects at once, i decided to try something different this week.

i’ve spent most of today preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire week.

much of that time was spent running around town buying things, and the actual cooking has occured in an intesive 2-hour burst which i’m now taking a break from. i haven’t made the lunches yet, and they’re pretty labor-intensive, but breakfast and dinner are largely ready to go with minimal cooking on my part in the evening.

my plan is to bring lunch each day, and drive down to Umstead Park– which is right down the road from work– to eat and write chapters for this book that i may or may not be working on. well– except on the days that i need to run errands at lunch, which now include tuesday (dentist appointment) and possibly monday (the powerbook needs to go BACK to the apple store– sigh.)

i’ve been very careful about what i’ve eaten this weekend, sticking with sensible foods that i make myself, and minimal caffiene. the result has been an astoundingly productive weekend. hopefully if i continue to eat sensibly all week, and have to spend minimal time in the evenings on food prep, i can also have an astoundingly productive week.

yesterday i spent the morning getting tons of stuff done around the house, including carrying four large bags of clothes to goodwill– and obtaining “a large number of inexpensive shoes”:http://www.spacepod.org/photolog/archives/001254.html that will be part of the 9 Westy project. the underside of my bed is now completely clear– there isn’t so much as a ball of fur under it, which is just how i like it. i find it sort of disturbing on some deep level to sleep on top of a dirty, cat-hair laden junkpile.

sarah came over in the afternoon, and we went on a supply run for fiberglass. we both have a need to work with it on our project cars, and decided it would be helpful and fun to try it together. while we were out, we spotted “this fabulous camper,”:http://www.spacepod.org/photolog/archives/001263.html which is actually _not_ a westy, although it is a volkswagen. as far as i could tell, someone had taken a plain vanagon, and converted it into a camper that is _similar to,_ yet different from, the Westfalia factory conversion. The paint looked new and the interior was super clean. Really a very nice machine.

We also spotted “six geek squad beetles”:http://www.spacepod.org/photolog/archives/001257.html all driving together. as you can imagine, i was pretty excited by this 🙂 and we had to follow them to see where they were going, which turned out to be best buy. we figured they were doing a demo or something in the store. they were all brand new, 2004 models.

anyway, we didn’t get far with the fiberglass, but at least now we’re ready to go.

i was supposed to meet sarah and georg at ooh la latte for the chicks rock benefit, but due to a slight cash flow problem i didn’t make it. this is only my second month with a check card. i held off on getting one until they actually forced me to get one, because i was scared of the dang thing… apparently for good reason, because my internal spending meter, which usually prevents these problems quite successfully, is outta whack. so instead of hanging out and having fun, i spent the evening watching “my absolute favorite bond film”:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0064757/ and figuring out my finances. i have to say that wachovia customer service _does_ kick all kinds of ass. i spoke with three different people and they were all incredibly nice and helpful despite the fact that i was, obviously, broke. the upshot is that i now have my online banking stuff working and i’m pretty enthused about that. i may even sign up for online bill paying.. we’ll see.

i really want to go see some movies this week. i guess i’ve probably missed shaolin soccer; i really want to see fahrenheit 9/11, napoleon dynamite, catwoman, and probably a bunch of others. i just never go to the movies any more, sadly. actually, i’d settle for seeing just _one_ movie in theaters this week.