here again there again

since last we spoke i painted a lot in jason’s house, but didn’t finish. i’ll go back with him soon to finish up. while i was painting, jason compiled a most impressive pile of leaves – something like four feet high and fifty feet long.

we came home yesterday around 7pm, and spent part of the evening trying to pull together a gift basket for my mom and stepfather. i didn’t plan well and didn’t realize i’d need to get it all together before christmas – because i knew i wouldn’t be visiting with them until january 2nd.

with that resolved we settled in for an evening of tv, nibbly bits of leftovers, and a bottle of prosecco. we stepped out on to the back porch to listen to the, er, fanfare around midnight. i’m pretty sure it was almost all fireworks and nothing more serious, which is a refreshing change from years past.

today we were completely lazy, and finally took the dog for a walk and went grocery shopping. i got the presents wrapped and some shortbread baked. tomorrow i am headed to the beach for the day to see my mom, probably without J because our dog sitter hasn’t gotten back to us. it’ll be a long day.

now we are watching the mythbusters marathon and just hanging out.