here we are in NYC

mostly we’ve shopped in SoHo the last two days. not surprisingly, this area does not cater to women who are size 18, or even size 16 for the most part, and I was very disappointed to discover that H&M carries basically nothing in women’s sizes. however, i have taken some pleasure in picking out things for christa and joy, and convinced joy to wear a deep cornflower blue shirt that she would not have picked out for herself.

i guess this is somewhat ironic, but the food has been wonderful. we’ve barely left SoHo and the food is not cheap here, but it’s right tasty. of course, one walks all the time here, so eating well doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea.

we went on a “harbor lights cruise” yesterday evening, which turned out to be a ferry with folding chairs and a cheap snack bar, but the views of the city were marvellous, and the tour guide was very informative. it was timed perfectly so that the sun was setting behind the statue of liberty as we passed by her.

today i want to go to the village which i hope still has cheaper food and edgier shopping (though my knowledge is a decade old), and our friend m. arrives to join us. ah, and tonight we see the david byrne/john stewart/et. al. show, the impetus for this trip.

tomorrow, probably the Met. yay!