here we go again

moses has diabetes again. we did a full panel yesterday and his glucose was 600 which is quite high.

i had a feeling that might wind up being the case. my guts tell me it’s because we switched him off of m/d (the diabetic food) for k/d (kidney disease food). after we switched him he started to gain weight again and now he needs insulin again.

i asked dr. c if he wanted to put him back on m/d and he said no. but i think i’m going to bring it up again in two weeks when we re-check.

in the good news department, the anemia situation seems to be stable and his kidney values have actually not gotten worse, which was a pleasant surprise. i really thought we’d see downward progress in the kidney disease.

we’ve passed eight months now since was first diagnosed with CRF. if nothing else, that’s pretty amazing.