hey, where is lisa?

well the main thing is that i have been sick.

the reigning theory is that i have clinical hypoglycemia with a nice side of anxiety. but they don’t know for sure. the anxiety they can give me drugs for. the hypoglycemia i’m trying to control with an atkins-like diet but i still get debilitating highs and lows. well, the lows are debilitating and the highs aren’t that high.

i lost about -10%- 5% of my body weight in two weeks, so i’m specifically trying *not* to lose any more weight right now. i have trouble eating very much at any one time, though, and of course atkins is designed for weight loss, amongst other things.

things have also been busy in general. we’re in the final weeks before jason’s house goes on the market. it’s come a long way in the last few weeks, but the pressure is really on. there’s a lot of painting, which normally i could rock out on, but i am really not at 100% right now.

if the house sells in the next few months, a lot of potential financial worries magically go away. so the better it looks, the better the chance of it selling.

so there you go. i’m going to doctor’s offices, i’m going to work, i’m alternately eating and wanting to lay down (many times a day), i’m walking with the boy and the dog, and i’m traveling to virginia to work on the boy’s house.

so that’s where i am.