high efficiency model

sunday morning, we carefully avoided the kitchen full of dirty dishes.

we went out to breakfast.

after breakfast, j suggested that i buy that dishwasher i’ve been planning to get. “so i did.”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/284133280/ it arrived this morning.

it’s a portable, just like both of my grandmothers had. it’s (pretty much) the first time i’ve had a dishwasher since i moved out of my mom’s house, about 18 years ago.

it’s… very novel. a big box of electricity and water is sitting in my house. i guess that’s not much different from a washing machine.

i have to say that it is nice not to have to hand wash that big stack o’ dishes. my back always hurts when i do a lot of dishes all at once, and there’s no place to dry them all.

anyway, this is an improvement in a lot of ways… i’ll gain some counter space, and of course dirty dishes can be stored in the washer rather than on the counter.

perhaps boring to some people but quite exciting to me šŸ™‚