holding down the fort

as always, i’ll be here in town during the next week. my company closed at 2pm today and doesn’t open again until january 2nd. i’ve got a few cats to feed, like usual. it’ll be quiet.

the man from the north (TMFTN) stopped in last night on the way to visit relatives. he gave me an awesome christmas present that i loved and that made all my co-workers jealous. i’ll have to take a picture of it, because words just cannot describe it.

i was sad to see him go after such a short visit. better than no visit, though, since otherwise it would be a full month between visits. next time, it’s my turn to visit him, and i have to admit that i’m looking forward to a little road trip.

tomorrow the family is having lunch with mom’s college roommate, then we’re going to visit gran. she’s not able to join us this year at mom’s house on christmas day, which is very sad.

i think sunday will be nice. just us. daniel suggested they wait to open presents until i arrive, which was very considerate of him.

i plan to put a _lot_ of work into the van during the free week. and into the new wxdu web site. i’ve neglected the van for three months. last night i showed it to TMFTN and seeing how much there is to do, i felt a little hopeless, like it’s turning into a folly. but i know a good week of work will make me feel quite different.