house next door for rent

the house next door is now for rent, after undergoing extensive renovation. from what we could see, everything was painted and the entire kitchen – cabinets and all – was replaced.

if you’re looking for a rental in an incredibly desirable neighborhood close to downtown durham, and do not communicate with your family members exclusively via YELLING, do not leave your dog out in the rain chained up, do not verbally abuse your wife out in the yard (or anywhere, really), and do not hit your neighbors up for money to fix your car, please consider becoming my neighbor.

the bar is set pretty low; you will probably have neighbors on either side who will LOVE YOU if you meet the above criteria. plus you’ll fit right in with everyone else on the block.

i believe it’s a 2 bedroom, one bath. you can walk to the farmer’s market and you’re five minutes away from american tobacco, 9th street, and all kinds of great stuff.

pleeeeeaaaaase won’t you be my neighbor?