i am the operator

show tonight turned into the lisa feels goth self indugence two hours and change because the next dj was late. very very very very glad i am the one who first used the BRSP up there because i encountered some apalling usability problems on that computer that i’d not found on my laptop. got myself into a few fixes i almost couldn’t get out of. anyone else would have had to give up and go to paper.

quite gratifying, however, to get many messages on the request line. apparently my self-indugence went over well. a couple of messages from an assistant professor at notre dame, believe it or not.

rather startled to find ‘the ipcress file’ being recorded just now on tivo. also quite annoyed to find that one of the queer as folk discs i spent my carefully budgeted dollars on renting last night is just special features– no episodes. dammit. i heart emmett. i was hoping for more emmett.

now trying out some kewl technology dreamed up by jason! and brought to life by “il rossi.”:http://christophermrossi.com/blog/ it allows me to download a recording of my show from a sekrit location on the xdu web site. now i just have to find a way to convert it from ogg to mp3.