i had this plan, see

and the first part went really well. inconveniently, the sun has gone down, making it impossible to proceed with part 2.

part 1: prepare actual healthful foods with fresh ingredients purchased at whole foods last night. CHECK! (salad rolls and garlic spinach, if you’re wondering. with fizzy raspberry lemonade.)

part 2: plant herbs purchased at whole foods (just two small ones.. a start) in the actual ground. oops. maybe tomorrow morning.

i’m pretty sure i’ve never planted anything in my yard, this will be my sixth season in the house. i’ve removed a lot of stuff. i’ve mowed a lot of stuff, and weed whackered a lot of stuff. pruned and trimmed and mulched. but never planted. maybe i’ll get more satisfaction out of it if i plant some things of my own.

last night i drew out a design for the back yard that would be fun to implement. i can’t see it happening any time soon, of course, having two other major projects in process, but at least if i add things, or change things, i have some guidance as to where and what to add or change.