i need a garage

like, really need.

i noticed that spacepod’s windows had fogged up again so i decided this morning to open them and let him air out.

i was a little startled to find that his battery is apparently dead. i guess i let him sit too long.

i _was_ startled to find that every porous surface in the interior (except perhaps the headliner) is covered in white mold, with a three-dimensional, yellowish growth on the leather steering wheel cover.

i almost cried when i saw this. in fact, i should be out there right now cleaning him up and not writing this.

the problem that originally grounded him is that the lower engine shield is dangling by a single bolt and scraping the ground. it had come partially loose and i’d removed two bolts, but could not get my screwdriver angled correctly under the third. faced with indecision: jack the car up, or get a shorter screwdriver, i let the issue slide for, i don’t know, two months? the driveway is so dirty, i get filthy whenever i have to get on my back to get under the car. plus rain makes it worse, so i let it slide…

so let’s recount the problems:

car is leaking and turning moldy: a garage wouldn’t fix the leak, but it would prevent the car from getting wet and moldy inside. i’ve ordered a car cover as my best current solution to this problem.

battery has died, probably due to lack of use: a garage would allow me to keep the car on a charger. i will find a way to jump-start it, although this might be a real pain if my jumper box isn’t strong enough, which it has not been in the past.

need to get under the car to remove engine shield: a garage would make this a heck of a lot less unpleasant, and feasible to do after dark.

i need a garage.

i don’t want to photograph the mold, even though it’s extraordinary, because i’m afraid i’ll become known on the internet as the woman who let her beetle grow fungus.