i’ll just bite the hand that feeds me, instead

so last night before sleeping i had a heart to heart talk with moses about this whole standing on my head at 6am thing.

i think he listened. he didn’t stand on my head, and he didn’t wake me up at 6am.

instead he bit my hand at 7am. then he started making for my head but i blocked him with a pillow, and we laid there in a detante for the next 40 minutes, until i deemed it time to rise.

i guess the acupuncture is really working, because he just jumped down from the sofa instead of using the moses steps to get down. of course, he’s going to pay for that, he immediately started limping afterward, but i haven’t seen him just jump down like that in a really long time.

in non-moses news, today a slew of electronics shall arrive at my house and i get to try to install an ipod hookup in the spacepod, amongst other things. should be interesting.