it is nice to clean.

so last night i had no obligations and no eleventh-hour deadlines from the starlite fiolks. oddly, i did have the energy to clean, and clean i did.

funny how piles of clutter that look quite small can take a surprising amount of time to sift through. besides laundry, that’s almost all i did last night– and it was only piles of clutter in the living room, which is the least cluttered room of all. and i didn’t even finish!

well, come to think of it, i did box up all my summer sandals and pull out all the summer clothes i know i won’t be wearing again til next year. so between that and the extensive laundry-doing, my clothes are quite organized right now.

shoe boxes: i really have too many. i keep feeling as if they should be useful for something, that i should be crafty, and paint them or cover them with flowered paper and use them for storage. storage of what, though? i try to store all of my shoes in racks so i can see them and not forget any, so for shoes i only need enough boxes to store out-of-season pairs.

a problem with using shoeboxes as storage in any solid organizing effort is that they’re not all the same size, so they don’t look neat and tidy and they won’t necessarily stack well.

i know you guys find this _just so fascinating._

another issue that i have now, which you all might actually find interesting, is my records.

now, please, keep in mind that my records– my 12″ vinyl– are very emotional for me and suggestions of “obtain it in digital form and get rid of the vinyl” will fall on profoundly deaf ears.

i do have enough storage for _most_ of my records. there is a category of records, however, that have a slightly dubious purpose and if i were to cull them, i’d probably have enough space for all of my other records.

that category is: records that would be fantastic to sample from should i ever do audio collage again.

now, it’s been a few years. a lot of years. many years since i did any collage. but it’s the closest i’ve ever come to being a musician, and music has been near and dear to my heart since i was a wee tiny winkle. there’s something quite magical about actually producing your own original stuff after years of fantasizing about it. so it’s kind of difficult for me to accept the idea that i might never do it again.

my thinking last night was that i should separate those records out, and see just how many i’m dealing with. see if there are any i could let go of. then see if i can purge enough books to make some bookshelf space for them in the back room; they don’t need to be in the living room the way the records i actually _listen_ to need to be.

yes– interestingly– i would rather give up books than records.

i’m also looking askance (in my mind) at my large-ish collection of mass market sci-fi paperbacks. maybe i should cull those, too– just keep the ones i recall as being favorites.

in the meantime, i have decided that i will dress up as one of the “gashlycrumb tinies”: for halloween. but which one? that i have yet to decide. the brilliance of this idea is that i can re-use it for twenty-six years in a row, and yet still be a different person every year.

i also have some home decoration ideas which might actually cause some fear in my party guests. is that bad?