it was a dark and stormy night!

last night i think we got a pretty good rain, because i had a nightmare that water was pouring out of cracks in my living room ceiling, that the most recent repair caused even worse problems.

i am watching iron chef america: battle apple, and i swear karine bakoum is botoxed all to hell. she can barely make a facial expression. this is the first time i can recall actually noticing something like that, and it’s very strange.

in the department of moses department, he was behaving strangely this morning– didn’t come for breakfast, but ate okay after i carried him into the kitchen– and dr. c was obviously concerned that the anemia had gotten even worse, to the point where it was obviously kicking his butt. i could be wrong but i think he gave him an extra large dose of the epigen this morning. anyway, moses is back into perkyland tonight so either the epigen is starting to work (would it really be that fast? i dunno) or it was a temporary effect.

and in other news, i’ll be painting all fucking weekend. in fact i should be painting right now instead of blogging, watching iron chef and eating milanos. but hey. i’ll be painting all fucking weekend, so i get a little break right now.