it’s a beautiful day to sell off huge parts of my BPAL collection

it’s a lovely day. i unexpectedly find myself free, and i have no problem taking it easy, since i’ve been sick all week, it is a lovely day. maybe later i will take the convertible for a spin.

anyway. so i have all of this perfume from “Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.”: well, not perfume exactly, but essential oil perfume blends.

i have too much– i’m a very light BPAL user. essential oils are volatile and eventually, they will fade away.

so i’ve decided to decant from my favorite bottles. the things i want to keep, but don’t need a whole 5ml bottle of.

i’ve posted these to the forums, and am also cross-posting here.

LE decants – $3.50 each, $1.50 shipping inside the US.

snow moon

strawberry moon

blood moon

harvest moon ’05

harvest moon ’06

fruit moon

beaver moon

sugar cookie

snow white ’05

mme. moriarty

candy butcher

midnight on the midway

pumpkin patch ’05 1-5

punkie night

devil’s night ’06

samhain ’06


freak show

monster bait: underbed

monster bait: closet

monster bait: underpants


Nuclear Winter