it’s all about the dairy fat

a low sodium day, if you don’t count the bacon. this was my comment as i realized i’d forgotten to salt the pasta water tonight.

three meals cooked in my kitchen, eaten at my dining room table. have not done that… well, ever.

breakfast was buttermilk pancakes and bacon; eggs for J (no eggs for me, thanks). potent coffee and fresh squeezed oranges J’s mom sent up from Fla.

we walked the dog to the farmer’s market after breakfast; too late to get any eggs, but we did get fresh farmer cheese and raw honey.

went to the open house/tour at “triangle brewing company.”: thanks to bb for tipping us off to that. very tasty golden belgian; did not like the stout so much. i bought a half-gallon jug of the belgian (a growler, in brewing parlance); i can get a refill during any open house for $8. much daydreaming about living in a warehouse in downtown durham.

lunch was the farmer cheese with ham and mayo on bits of soft oatmeal bread. the cheese was very fresh and tangy, the salty of the ham was good with it.

for dinner we made fresh pasta and tossed it with melted butter, cream, and parmesan: fettuccine alfredo. the dairy fat quotient was so high neither of us could eat much, which was fine.

in the checkout line at the store i spotted bars of “vosges bacon chocolate”: which i have wanted to try for some time now. the cashier tried to convince me to just try a sample first, but i confidently put it in my stack of purchases. she was quite incredulous that someone might actually like the stuff. in fact i know at least three people who like it. so there, doubting cashier lady.

J is doing some handyman stuff and i am waiting until he is done to break open the chocolate. start the day with bacon; end it with bacon. now _that’s_ a motto.