it’s better than that lame party we went to the one year i didn’t throw a party

this is really the reason i throw a halloween party every year. because one year i didn’t, and sarah and georg and i went to that guy’s lame party, and years later we’re still cracking up over how totally and completely lame that party was.

the stark overhead lighting, the way all food items had been embargoed to the chairless dining room, the squat woman who berated me for being insufficiently costumed, even the preposterous invitation which required one to click through twenty pointless screens before revealing the date and time of the party… yeah.

even if my party is me, georg and sarah sitting around my kitchen playing with eyeball wind-up toys and eating gingerbread, it’s a better party than that one.

besides, i’ve got all these eyeballs and stuff…

sarah came over tonight and helped me decorate which was pretty awesome, because having an enthusiastic helper makes it way more fun, and i’m much more likely to actually use the majority of my stuff.

it was also rather amusing to see how she was both horrified by yet compelled to inspect certain items, like the squishy eyeballs, and the zombie candle hand thing. you know, where you burn each of the fingers and they drip red wax like blood and there’s a fake skeleton underneath?

that was a good one.