it’s good

a blogger i read has a cat that is very close to the end of a long illness. she wrote some frank descriptions of the cat’s condition, and i realized that moses is nowhere near that. somehow that made me realize that obsessing and being constantly anxious about him is a waste of the time i have left with him.

ever since then, i’ve felt more relaxed about him. of course, it helps that he’s walking just fine again and the diabetes is in some weird kind of remission.


the living room and dining room have now been cleared of the items that came out of the back bedroom. in the end, i did have to put my “buh-bye” pile in the back bedroom because it’s huge and there’s nowhere else to put it. but it’s consolidated and somewhat organized, and i think J and i are going to attack it sunday.

i’m posting some photos to flickr that document the loading-in process, for those who are interested in that sort of thing.


this evening i had a “virtual” meeting for work with a client in australia. there was a brief moment during the conversation– which was all business as usual except when i said “zed” instead of “zee” for the letter Z, a result of having heard her say it moments before– when i thought _wow, she’s all the way in australia!_


reading thomas dolby’s blog today, he talks about traveling “by steamer” from New York to Southampton and how wonderful it was. I’ve been fascinated by the idea of a transatlantic sea voyage for many years and J and I looked at the web site to get an idea of scheduling and cost, just out of curiosity. it would be quite expensive and difficult to schedule, but apparently it’s not just for old rich people, which is what the photos on the web site imply.

for the very wealthy who have nothing better to do for several months, one can take an around the world cruise. which would be insanely cool, especially if you’ve never been to most of the places they go, although i suppose if one were rich and idle, that would not be the case.


so, to summarize:

– house good

– cat good

– rain good

– work good

– boyfriend good

– sleep would be good, too.