it’s honeybee time

over the course of the weekend i did many things, most of them today. the result is a clean house (as clean as it ever gets, anyway), and an “ever more hospitable screen porch,”: and two reasonably respectable looking cars (from the outside, anyway).

i put up some little twee lights on the back porch, the kind of lights that are sort of inherently janky (a word that keeps repeating in my mind like a bad song) but i’ve installed them in a non-janky way so hopefully the jankiness and non-jankiness will cancel each other out.

this evening i watched “who killed the electric car?”: (my personal favorite moment is the guy with the hummer who says the problem with the EV-1 is that no one is going to want a car that you can’t pimp out and show off), and now i’m watching my Ultimate Nightmare Battle on Iron Chef America: Battle Chicken Egg. NYAAAGH!

i also decided to try margarine as a replacement for butter on toast and stuff. the result, because i have lame supermarket bread, is similar to moist paper. sigh. there really is no substitute for butter.