it’s official…

…i am hopeful. there are little things every day that tell me that moses is getting better. his appetite never falters, and he pretty much acts like his normal self.

d & s came over tonight to help me administer fluids. he’s a lot stronger than he was on saturday, he nearly got away from me, and i had to keep him scruffed the entire time. it was fortunate that we had three people because d. was able to keep him scruffed while i got the needle in and s. handled the flow device.

i have done some reading, and it is actually plausible that he has acute, reversible renal failure caused by an antibiotic that he was on. the vet has mentioned this twice as a possibility, i just didn’t think it was a serious one until this week, because he couldn’t find any reports of this particular drug causing kidney problems in cats.

anyway. i may be disappointed when we do the tests again later this week, but i live with the cat every day and i feel it in my gut that he’s getting better.