it’s scary the first time you see it

i finally investigated the situation with the westy’s gas pedal. step one: brush away loose rust and paint with a wire brush. in the process of brushing, i revealed bare, unrusted metal. weird. scary.

it looks like i’ll have to drill fairly close to some cables that run under the floor pan. no great surprise– the accelerator cable is, of course, one of them. the job looks do-able, though. i’ll just need to drill very slowly.

i drove out to the hardware store to get some bolts that i hope will work; by the time i’d gotten home, i’d lost the light and i’m reluctant to do a delicate and awkward job with minimal light. besides, i have to work on the BRSP so jason can use it tomorrow night.

work is kind of stressful right now. in a week and a half, a fairly high-profile project that i’m working on will go live– on the external web site. up until now, most of my work has been on our corporate intranet where my only audience is employees, and the only browser i really had to worry about was the latest IE.

i’m finding that living with a strict budget is kind of satisfying and so far, not that difficult. i still like to spend money on food from restaurants, froufy coffee drinks, and renting dvd’s, but all the other frittering away of my funds has stopped. starting friday i’ll have a weekly allowance for that sort of thing that also has to include groceries and anything the house needs. i haven’t used my credit card since near the beginning of the month, and that hasn’t been too difficult.

i’m really unhappy with the way my clothes are fitting, which means that for the _third_ time this year… i have to start my diet over. i swear, if something else happens, i’m going to have to suck it up and stay on the diet no matter what. starting over is way too difficult, especially when you have to do it three times in four months.

i’m in the process of gradually moving items from my back bedroom to my bedroom. the new purple color begs to be goth-i-fied. maybe once i’ve gotten it cleared out, the back bedroom will become light and airy.