it’s trash day.

the new hvac system passed inspection today. i guess that means it’s ok for me to use it now.

actually, what it means is that i get to sleep in and not have strange men in my house in the early hours.

today the lady with the garage offered me a lower price on it and said she would prefer to rent it to me over the other people who are interested. i hashed it over with a co-worker who is clever about financial stuff and decided to ask if she will rent it for a few months with no obligation to continue after that. in three months i can accomplish a lot of what i need a garage for so… it’s probably worth it, in the grand scheme of things.

it means the basement will have to wait, mostly, i guess, but i still vow to transform that thing by year’s end. the Big Radio Station Project cannot wait, however. in fact i plan to use it whilst subbing for mr. mondo mundo on thursday evening.

now i’m sleepy and don’t feel like taking out the trash.