jan 2 – run lola run; a series of unfortunate events

‘run lola run’ – utterly fantastic german film about a girl (Franka Potente, the romantic lead in ‘the bourne identity’ and ‘the bourne supremacy’) who has 20 minutes to get 100,000 marks to save her boyfriend (played by the guy who played the lead in das experiment, Moritz Bleibtreu). i will tell you that the action of the film takes place in, essentially, real time (yet is much longer than 20 minutes); that franka potente is incredibly athletic; that there’s some excellent use of animation in certain places.

i don’t want to tell you too much else lest i ruin the fun; trust me that it’s good.


‘a series of unfortunate events’ – covered “here”:http://www.spacepod.org/rtp/archives/a_series_of_fortunate_events.php#001939