learning to love the link

so, the exasperating audio link and i have been getting along a little better today.

i don’t have to turn off the CAR to switch between the link and the cd changer; i just have to turn off the radio. that’s cool. that’s ok.

it is possible to use the ipod’s UI instead of the dension UI. what i’ve been doing is selecting the playlist and song i want before putting the ipod in the cradle, and the link just picks it up and starts playing.

not having to manage power cables for the ipod and an fm transmitter is a big bonus– the link taps into the car’s power system and charges the ipod.

a couple of trips to the big blue hardware store helped matters a great deal. heavy duty velcro and some industrial looking zinc and rubber clamps were key items. i can bolt the ipod cradle and xm radio receiver to the clamps and clip them to the grab bar in front of the passenger seat. looks pretty cool and they’re easily removable.

right now i’m waiting for the XM radio to pick up my new subscription. it plugs right into the link, too.

finally, i tried out the Tom Tom one GPS today. the device itself seems great, but the darn suction cup mount pops off the dash every five minutes! one more thing to work on.

anyway, tomorrow will be hectic– lots of errands, spacepod gets his new tats, laundry, getting the house tidied up and packing, lots of odds and ends.

not sure how present i’ll be on my blog/livejournal over the next week or so. i’ll post an entry with the url to my travel site for anyone who wants to follow along.