lisa’s little mail order shoppe

i have made a strange discovery, which is that i get an odd satisfaction out of processing orders (in this case, for BPAL). it will surprise no one who knows me that i set up a little system, and a little work-station, and with oodles of free time on my hands, i’ve got astounding turnaround time on orders.

i’m taking them to the big, old post office in downtown. it’s much more pleasant and stylish than a suburban post office– cavernous, cool, dark, and a little gothic.

i also visited the “scrap exchange”: today– my, have they changed. they’ve put a lot of already-made items out, they’ve got a lot more stuff, and they’ve opened a lot more space to the public. there’s a whole new room i’d never seen before called “the mongo room”. it’s filled with less organized, less child-friendly things (although in the main area i did find a bin labelled “giant rusty tacks – 75 cents”).

they had clearly received a donation from a lab– beakers, pipettes, test tubes, and less obvious, nameless items. i bought a few glass pipettes for BPAL decanting.

i measured out the space needed for the pool and spoke with my neighbor– a tree limb came down early saturday morning and put a hole in their roof. the limb was removed and a tarp put over the roof, but no further action has been taken by their landlord. the tarp is leaking (of course) and one of the gutters (filled with small trees, so probably not functional anyway) was torn off the back of the house.

the rains have been continuous and often torrential; it’s monsoon season here in north carolina. i really do not think we’ll need to worry about drought this year. my basement resembles a swamp. i will feel no guilt in filling the pool.