little paw and his mommy go to live in the woods.

one day a strange girl visited the house where little paw and his mommy lived.

little paw was shy and climbed behind the sofa.

another day the strange girl came back and put little paw and his mommy into a box. he didn’t like being in the box and tried to get out. a lot.

she took the box outside. it all smelled very strange. little paw panicked. he tried to get out of the box even more than he had before. the strange girl forced him back into the box.

little paw could feel himself moving although he was not running. he became so scared that he tried to hide inside the box and not move or call attention to himself. his mommy did the same thing.

then the moving stopped and they were in a strange smelling place. little paw could smell many other animals, animals that he had never smelled before.

finally the girl let little paw and his mommy out of the box. they were in a house made entirely of wood. little paw and his mommy spent many hours carefully smelling the entire house. the strange girl gave them food which was very good.

then it was night and she carried them upstairs. she said, “twoooo kitties!” she sounded like an owl hooting. they all slept together in the small place upstairs on a soft bed.

little paw started to feel ok about this new place that had good food and many interesting things to smell. when it was dawn, he was excited to smell everything all over again, so he woke everyone else up.