little paw climbs a tree.

one day, when he was bigger, and alone in the woods near his house, little paw climbed a tree.

he stayed in the tree for a long time.

he felt very safe there.

it got dark.

he could hear the girl calling the name she had given him. “moses, moses!” she called.

he was not very happy in the tree any longer, but did not know how to get down. he wanted to be in the warm house with the girl and his mommy and have his dinner. he started to cry.

the girl and his mommy found him and talked to him from the ground. he wanted to get down but didn’t know how, so he just cried.

the girl and his mommy left.

they came back in the morning. now little paw was desperate to get down but he still did not know how.

he started to climb down, and then he fell. he fell through the branches, hitting some of them. he landed on his feet.

the girl was upset but little paw was happy to be down from the tree. he ran home and the girl gave him the good food and hugged him fiercely.

that night little paw pushed his mommy out of the way and slept very close to the girl in the snug, warm bed.