little paw series notes

i have now published all that i have written already in the little paw series. as many of you have no doubt surmised, these are stories from my cat moses’ life, told from what i imagine might be his perspective. all of the stories are of things that actually happened.

as i remember more interesting stories, i will probably write more. maybe one day i will seek a publisher for this material. perhaps it could be a children’s book.

the installment that folks commented they found scary and suspensful, i unfortunately don’t have anything more to say about. we went walking in the woods one day and then suddenly, the woods ended and we were on some land that had been clear-cut. my landlady told me that her neighbor had had the land cleared to sell the wood on it. it was really a shame, and kind of a freakish experience for me.

the one thing i wish i could get across in this series that i really cannot is what a wonderful, sweet cat franny was. most of you never knew her. everyone who met her fell totally in love with her.