Mangum St. closed May 6th

This just came across the Old North Durham listserv and I thought it might be of interest to other Durham residents…

Saturday May the 6th, for the Home Tour, Mangum Street will be closed from 9:30am until 6:00 that evening.

Also note that no cross traffic will flow at Lynch, Seeman, and Trinity streets. Mangum will be completely closed to all but pedestrian traffic and the trolley. The trolley will be traveling on Mangum and Trinity for the most part. Police officers will be directing traffic at each end of the Mangum street closing at Markham and Geer. One will also be stationed at Mangum and Trinity to let the trolley through and prevent other vehicles, but allow emergency vehicles to get through. Please be mindful of emergency vehicles for the day and help out if they should be needed.

We hope to have some classic cars parked on Mangum for the day and ask that all other cars be moved to side streets for the event. Please park off Mangum even if you do not plan to use your vehicle during the day.

Also note that many people will be parking in the two church parking lots and also be parking on neighborhood streets as well. Please welcome them and offer help if it is needed. Tickets for the event will be sold at Mangum and Trinity, and Trinity and Elizabeth. Baked items and lunch will be available at street vendors on Mangum. Food can also be bought at the Strawberry Festival in Old North Durham Park.

Detour signs will be marked for the street closing. Please pass the word on that the street will be closed so people in Durham can make choices to use an alternate route that day to avoid the slow travel around our event.