massive hoard-house cleaned out on oprah

the organizational blogs are abuzz with this one… the clean sweep organizer peter lead the cleanup of the house of a massive hoarder. like clean sweep, but they did the whole house and it was a lot worse than most clean sweep houses, right on down to finding black mold in most rooms. they filmed it and put it on oprah who used her connections to get them all new furniture, flooring, and a kitchen.

in the end they had a rummage sale in a rented warehouse, and cleared $13k. the other stats are pretty incredible– 8 weeks, a staff of 100 people, 75 tons of trash, 3,000 pairs of shoes and 3,000 purses, 8 hours to clear the master bedroom of clothes, etc. you get the idea.

they’ve done a good job of putting the details and photos on the oprah web site, so you don’t actually have to watch the damn show to see it (i didn’t).

“Shopaholics and Clutter”: