me him and lizzie down by the river

went walking today in the woods with my new personal trainers, perfessers whig hill and lizzie. not only did they school my ass but they also schooled my mind in various interesting topics such as advanced stick throwing and rube goldberg “i’m the guy” sayings.

i was all worried that i’d be the lame one who couldn’t hack it, but instead i was all, _”let’s walk some more!!”_ i’d taken the day off with no real plan of what i’d do and probably would have just done stuff around the house if the woods tromping invite had not come up. i’ve always been a big fan of walking, both for exploration and for exercise but my lame urban dweller lifestyle has driven my walking and nature girl sides into dormancy, so i shouldn’t have been surprised to find myself thinking, “this is what i should be _doing!_ every day!” it was so much better than stupid house stuff.

my sandblaster came yesterday– i really want to try it out on the driver’s side footwell of the westy. i might have to try and figure it out myself tomorrow. i’m pretty hyped.