memory diversions

somehow during thanksgiving dinner, mom and i got started on the house we lived in in delaware when i was little. stuart whipped out his blackberry and tried to bring it up on google maps. sure enough, we were soon looking at the old neighborhood, although the blackberry was too painful to really explore things.

at home on the laptop, i was startled and delighted to find that the neighborhood has street view! for people who don’t obsess about google maps, street view is where someone has taken panoramic photos while standing on a street. so you can almost stand there on the street, thousands of miles away.

the street has apparently been renumbered (provided i’m remembering that house number correctly) but it wasn’t difficult to find a house in about the right spot on the street that looks exactly like i remember, except for the color of the siding. CRAZY! i haven’t seen that house since i was in second grade!