had a checkup at the vet yesterday. nothing too terrible, but he’s slipping in a few areas. he’s lost some weight, and he needs oral potassium supplements now. his anemia has also gotten slightly worse so we’ll step up the epo for a while.

so yesterday he had fluids, epo, and potassium and today he’s a new cat. woke me up caterwaulin’, freaked me out but he just wanted his breakfast. his voice has changed in the last year and he sounds like the bastard lovechild of a siamese cat and a police siren. NOT my favorite way to wake up.

i bought a waterproof mattress cover yesterday and i plan to try letting him back on the bed soon. hopefully then he’ll just glare at me when he wants his breakfast.

i finally decided to spring for this expensive memory foam pet bed i’ve been considering. it takes a long time to ship which bothers me; what if the situation with his health makes a bad turn next week and… you know? but whatever. chances are he’ll get to enjoy it and it’ll make him happy and comfortable.