morning good

what i want to do: keep sitting on the sofa, all leisurely, while the cat scoots in and out of the screened porch.

what i must (and will do): put the computer away. take a shower. hurry on to work in time for the 10:15 meeting.


last night i did yard work until moseman’s various caretakers came over to learn how to pill him.

in the yard, i started scalping the parts that are completely not grass, and occupied by a weed that i consider to be very obnoxious and unpleasant. d. pointed out that weeds are a social convention, and i agree, i really do– but some weeds really bother me. the kind that are covered in that sticky sap? i hate those. and there’s one other one that was really starting to take over in the back. i hate that one too. but now it’s mostly gone.

the cool thing about scalping with the weed whacker is that it’s a self-mulching process. most of the ground is now covered in a finely chopped layer of dead vegetation.

i also started cleaning the crap off the screened porch to make way for the lovely new furniture, some of which is already there, and some of which i have yet to actually obtain, but i will soon. Things are Under Way.

i applied roundup to the raised bed a couple of weeks ago and things are mostly dead back there. a session or two with the weed whacker and it’ll be nice and clean. still not sure exactly how i’ll proceed with it, and i may have to devote next weekend to the _front_ of the house, in preparation for the Tour, but chances are decent that i’ll still do something useful with it.

oh, all right. i’ll get up now.